Henessy & cherryescortes deluxescene 32160

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Description: A deep dive into the intimate lives of two sizzling-blooded luxury call nymphs... One is dark-haired, the other blondie: Henessy and Cherry, two youthfull mates with dream bodies, don't have a day job like most... They rent their charms to rich customers and spend their days in delight, surrounded by the wonderful dcor of villas and upscale apartments. Received by a businessman fond of 3-ways and caboose-smash, they waste no time in making a fine impression... Invited to the building of a leather fetishist, Henessy offers rear end style in a full-assets outfit... Cherry, meanwhile, becomes the darling of two very deviant clients who both take her in double intrusion and coat her with cum... And we can't leave behind Amirah, a promising youthfull call girl, offered by a strenuous lady to her husband. The extremely crazy youthful fellow then gives it to her up the backside on the balcony of a villa... One thing is certain, she can take it from here!
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Models: Henessy
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